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My Approach

I believe parents are the experts of their children and my role is to offer suggestions and teach you different techniques to work with your baby.  Your job, as the parent expert, is to discern what is best for your family, and carry out strategies and techniques at home. As the parent of your baby, you are the most influential and motivating person in your baby's life.  Therapy is not provided in a bubble- families have their own histories, environment, unique life experiences, needs, and wants.


Thus, my therapy services are tailored to meet you and your baby as unique individuals, and as a symbiotically functioning pair (or family).  In order for mom (or dad) and baby to truly be at their best, both must be considered to maximize both their independent and interdependent functioning.  The greatest changes will happen with you and baby at home (and in your community), implementing therapeutic strategies, in the context of your everyday lives together.

I created The Breastfeeding Therapist to fill a gap in therapeutic services available for breastfeeding infants and their mothers/families. 


My Education and Training

As an Occupational Therapist with my doctorate, and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) specializing in breastfeeding and lactation (Breastfeeding Therapy), infant development, and maternal mental health, I have a unique scope of practice.  My doctoral research interests centered around  the lived mothering experiences of a variety of populations (including adolescent mothers, prison mothers and mothers of children with disabilities).  In addition to my occupational therapy training, I have practiced in a variety of pediatric settings for over ten years.  I have been privileged to assist families with a variety of diagnoses in meeting their breastfeeding, infant feeding, and development goals.  I have experience and further specialized training supporting families with infant feeding and oral motor therapy, breastfeeding, prematurity, infant development and treatment, treatment of torticollis and other musculoskeletal issues, sensory processing, ergonomics, maternal mental health, pelvic health, birth support, and postpartum support.

My scope of practice as an OT specializing in breastfeeding and lactation involves more than positioning and latch. It allows me to holistically and therapeutically treat the mother-baby/parent-baby dyad. 


What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is a client centered, holistic health profession that focuses on health, well-being, and optimal functioning.  It equally emphasizes both mental and physical health in practice and theory.  Occupational Therapy education covers both human health sciences, with coursework such as gross anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, neurology, human development, etc., as well as, social sciences with numerous courses in psychology, anthropology, sociology, and occupational science.  This education has given me an excellent foundation for understanding the human condition and working with others to meet their personal goals. 


What is Breastfeeding Therapy?


Breastfeeding Therapy is the therapeutic treatment of the breastfeeding dyad.  Mother and baby are evaluated and treated as both separate beings and as an inextricably linked, symbiotic, interdependent pair.  The well-being and functioning of one, cannot be optimized without optimal functioning and well-being of the other. Goals of treatment are family determined and dynamic and are guided by an evaluation of functioning that considers personal aspects and environment of mother and baby. The Breastfeeding Therapist utilizes a variety of adaptive equipment, tools, and modalities to holistically treat the breastfeeding family, optimizing function, and ultimately breastfeeding, of the mother-baby pair.


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