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Hi, I'm Teddie!

I hold a doctorate in Occupational Therapy and am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and specialize in Breastfeeding Therapy, Infant Development, and Maternal Mental Health. My doctoral research centered on mothers' experiences in a variety of populations (including adolescent mothers, mothers of imprisoned people, and mothers of children with disabilities).  However, my own mothering experiences of four little ones nine and under have been the most formative for my professional development and understanding of motherhood and the needs of new mothers.  My first breastfeeding experience was particularly challenging and greatly impacted my first year of mothering.  It is a source of inspiration for me now as I assist families in meeting their feeding goals.

I created The Breastfeeding Therapist to fill a gap in therapeutic  support available for breastfeeding infants and their mothers/families.  This gap became evident to me while providing volunteer breastfeeding support in my community, when I realized that many families struggling with breastfeeding also had additional challenges that I addressed in my job as an early intervention occupational/feeding therapist.  The marrying of these two skill sets, what I call Breastfeeding Therapy, allows me to support families in a unique way. 


It brings me joy to support new families as they embark on their parenting adventures!

Genter Family of six sitting together in grassy field on a windy day.
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